"Before I was a wise-ass newspaper columnist and critic who was allowed to make fun of presidents and kings, movie stars and moguls, I was a beauty editor. As in the beauty editor of "Elle" and "Cosmopolitan." And even though I had access to every hairdresser and colorist in NYC, I couldn't find even one who knew how to cut and color me. I'd end up with one-inch bangs and pitch black hair. Then I found the magical team of Miano Viél. For the first time, my hair color was pitch perfect (that would be Louis) instead of pitch black and my cut was chic instead of scary (that would be Damien). For the past 15 or so years, no one has touched a hair on my head except for Damien Miano and Louis Viél. They are brilliant at what they do, and brilliant at who they are. Not to put too fine a point on it, but really, it's possible that I'd die if I couldn't have my Miano Viél fix as often as humanly possible. Brilliant!"

Linda Stasi,
New York Daily News Columnist
New York 1, On-Air Host of Long Running Show, "What a Week",
Author, The Sixth Station